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1. WHEN THE GAME NEVER REMOVE THE MASK! The most important rule. Inadequate protection can cause blindness or deafness.

2. Mask take off only after they EXIT the field of play and only in designated areas. People hit descend from the playing field all the time having imposed a mask on his face.

3. While in the safe area, outside the field of play ALWAYS we have to have a marker secured against accidental shot and directed barrel DOWN - Never aim at another person! After each descending from the playing field is also very important to insert the plug into the barrel - the so-called Plug Barrel or the location of the marker in a designated area. This will protect against accidental gunshot other person.

4. The game can not participate persons under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

5. Shooting at people, animals and objects that are not object of the game is prohibited.

6. Hand to hand combat is prohibited.

7. The game can serve only equipment designed for paintball.

8. Bringing and using its resources to the battlefield simulators is prohibited.

9. On the playing field are allowed only persons involved in the game, field service and those eliminated leaving the field of play.

10. Be aware of the danger of injuries resulting from the formation and differentiation of such land. Depressions, hills, protruding roots and branches, etc.

11. Liability for damage, injury or loss of life paintball marker member or third party, arising out of the failure of safety, misuse, improper use of a marker lies only guilty of causing this damage.

12. Never unscrew the screws and other parts marker and not look into the barrel screwed into the marker.

13. Even while maintaining all security disciplines paintball is inextricably linked with the risk of minor injuries, among other things, such as bruises or abrasions, arising from hitting the ball.

Operation fields can intervene in every phase of the game, when one of the participants break the rules of safety. Failure to follow these rules may result in termination of the game and in extreme cases, removal from the playing field or from the area of ​​the company.


Changes in these rules, players may enter at your own risk and only under the condition that all participants in the game agree.

1. The minimum distance which must give a shot to a player is 5 meters.

2. A player is eliminated from the game based on:
a) a hit that left its mark paint a minimum of 2 zloty coin size, whether it is a hand, a foot, a mask or a marker or magazine. Splashes of bushes or walls are not considered a hit.
b) self-declaration to exclude from the game that once made is irrevocable.

3. The player eliminated from the game without taking off eye protection (masks) raises his hand straight up, leaving the rifle barrel toward the ground, and thus as soon as possible and the shortest possible route leaves the field of play.

4. Persons not participating in the game (observers), its behavior should not affect its course.

5. The game begins with a predetermined signal after confirming its readiness to play. Until you hear a beep each is in a predetermined location.

6. The game ends at a predetermined signal, after which absolutely prevents markers.

7. A person hit by loud screams AUT. Remember that you do not shout for themselves, only for the player, who shoots you.

8. To a person screaming AUT does not shoot up.

9. If the krzyknięciu AUT seen that you have no trace of paint on your clothes, you can not return to the game. After the command AUT finally descend from the playing field.

10. Persons wyautowane descend to a predetermined safety zone.

11. If you run out of bullets or gas in the cylinder you have two choices - surrender or capture the flag opponent.

12. If the person who goes with the flag was hit, places or stabs her in this place on earth.

13. Flags must be posted in a conspicuous place.

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